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The next meeting of the BRS Local 130 will be Friday July 13th, 2018 at 7:00 PM. Location to be determined

This is the local's election year! If you are interested in holding any position in the local, Article II of the BRS constitution lists the positions and duties of each officer. Also, one of our Local Chairmen is retiring soon so here's what will happen per the BRS constitution Article II Section 13: When Paul retires, the Local President has 5 days to appoint another Local Chairman who will serve until the election.

Concerning the Local elections:

Some nominations will be taken at the April meeting. I will also send a notice in May to all members asking for any other nominations with the deadline being the July meeting (July 13). Official ballots will go out in August or September and ballots will be counted at the October meeting (October 12th). New officers will be sworn in and take office November 1st.

We have a new resource for people that have questions about asbestos related illness. I also have this on our LINKs page.



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